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If you're looking for the best roofer then look no further, our team can replace your existing roof or build a fresh one on new construction

Roof Repair

Our professional team can repair your roof into a more beautiful yet more protected that can withstand Australia’s Climate

Roof Restoration

Our technicians are best for any sort of roof repair. They can help to detect leaks and our quality workmanship gives you best roof repairs around

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Do you need the most professional roof repair service to repair your roof? High winds and storms often penetrate your roof and damage it, which causes frequent leaks during rainfall. Worry not! We are here to deliver a fast yet professional service of roof repair and installation for your homes and offices. Our service is smooth and hassle-free. Our technicians are well-trained and experienced to deal with all roofs, no matter how small or large. We provide you with the best solutions for your roof issues.




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Roofing Restoration Process

A Quick Breakdown of our Process


First we inspect thoroughly for any roof leaks because a proper inspection is the foundation of excellent service. From the identification of broken tiles and gutters, to water damage and damaged lashing, we inspect everything.


A dirty roof can deteriorate your tiles over time, it will also stop any paint or sealant from sticking. In order to prevent this, we clean off all the dirt, algae, and moss from the roof to not only make it look better, but prepare it for the next steos of the process. 

Ridge Capping

We do full repoint of ridge capping to protect tiles, and any lose capping from leaking. This will ensure that your free stays leak free for many years to come. It also adds as an exta layer of insulation and helps keep out little pests looking to make a new home.

Paint & Seal

If you wish to repaint to refresh the colour or change it we do this now. After we will coat the roof with a sealer to stabilize the surface after which two coats of roof membrane are done to ensure maximum durability and maximum protection from the weather.

Roof Restoration

A leakage in the roof is a sign of ridge capping which is out of place. Leaks are highly damaging in the long run as they leave stains and damage to your ceiling sheets. Are you tired of these issues and wish for a better-looking roof? Our technicians are best for any sort of roof repair. They can help to detect leaks and our quality workmanship gives you best roof repairs and maintenance services. Our customer service is world class with the technicians always ready to listen to your needs and work accordingly.


Most of the time, Gutters are overlooked during home maintenance, even though they are essential components. Therefore, neglecting gutters can get you in trouble with leaks caused by blocked gutters. After being exposed to multiple elements, gutters become weak over time. That’s why our roof repairs experts also offer gutters repairs and replacements. Our roofing company also replaces gutter guard which can get worn out with time. Our inspection team evaluates your house system thoroughly to look for issues in gutters. 

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I found the team at Roof Repairs & Restorations to be complete professionals. They showed up on time, and did a great job on all repairs carried out. There was no blasting radio and they left the jobsite very tidy. I can highly recommend them!

Linda Jackobson


Roofer Melbourne
Roofer Melbourne



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